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Can I Order Samples Directly from Showplace?


That’s a great question. No, we don’t sell samples directly from our website to consumers. We operate a partner network of cabinetry dealerships that operate local small businesses in your community to fulfill customer orders. Think of it like working with a local car dealership when picking out a new vehicle. Auto manufacturers rely on dealerships around the country to stock inventory, offer service and support, and work with the manufacturers on your behalf. In that same way, we rely on locally-owned cabinetry dealerships around the country to work with customers, showcase and explain our products, and to provide that “hands-on” consumer experience.

Visit a dealer

Most dealers in our network have local showrooms where you can:

  • View displays of our cabinets so you can learn how they’re built and see for yourself the craftsmanship and quality.
  • Order sample color chips and doors to help you make decisions on cabinet door styles and colors to fit your home.
  • Learn about various other product lines from a trained and experienced designer.

If you decide to order color samples through your dealer, we will coordinate with them and will gladly ship them directly to your home, so you don’t have to make an extra trip to the showroom.

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