How Much Weight Can My Shelves Hold?

It depends on the length of the shelf.

The longer it is, the less support there is to hold heavier items. In other words, a 12-inch shelf will be able to hold more weight without the chance of bowing than a 36-inch shelf.

Tips for a stronger shelf.

  • Add strength to your shelf by adding some decorative support molding to the front of a shelf.
  • Instead of using a cabinet, add open shelf storage with our stylish floating shelves.
Decorative Shelf Moldings
Veneer Shelf with Single Bead Edge
natural floating shelves
Floating Shelf
Glass Cabinet Door
Standard Veneer Shelves

How Much Weight Can My Drawers Hold?

That’s a tricky question, but here’s what you need to know.

We use soft-close glides by BLUM, which can hold approximately 75 pounds of continuous weight. The size of each drawer box will determine its weight, so subtract that weight from a total weight of 75 pounds to know how much can be placed in the drawer.