Simply Personal | ShowplaceEVO

The options for making design-simplicity personal are endless with Showplace.

In this contemporary kitchen, the new ShowplaceEVO Villa door style in Ginger textured melamine was used to create visual interest in the functional area inhabited by a tall storage cabinet and the nearby refrigerator. The kitchen perimeter continues by shifting to the Duet door style's simpler design in an ultra-matte black finish that is scratch-resistant and resists finger prints. A floating shelf reprises the Ginger textured melamine and creates a useful focal point through thoughtful placement of an open display area. The kitchen's function culminates with the addition of a white high-gloss island which completes this unique kitchen’s style, making it difficult to define and highly personal.

In keeping with the clean design of the space, the refrigerator, dishwasher and cooktop control panels are disguised in stylish fashion through the use of authentic panels.