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There is growing interest in kitchens and baths designed to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities. It's called "universal design," and the goal is to remove barriers to independent living and aging in place. Showplace offers a wide range of cabinets and accessories that make this goal easy to attain, all with the beauty, quality and creative freedom Showplace stands for. After all, just because a kitchen or bath is uniquely accommodating, that doesn't mean it can't be distinctly lovely too. 

Universal design allows people to continue to work, cook and live in their homes, with greater convenience and safety. With the Showplace approach, a universal-design kitchen or bath will look no different to visitors, and will be a source of pride as well as a valued asset to the home. 

Talk to your Showplace designer to learn more, and to start on a barrier-free home of your own.

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