Meeting new challenges is part of good business

From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, CEO of Showplace Cabinetry

New challenges arise every year, for every business. Sometimes it’s new competition, or a tight labor pool or increased costs for raw materials. In other times—like the rapidly changing scenario we find ourselves in right now—those challenges are economic and social, with considerations that involve people, travel, trade and production. But a strong company understands that meeting new challenges is part of good business.

            Here at Showplace, we have a seasoned management group that has worked together for decades. Our leadership team has already weathered a variety of economic storms, in addition to the challenges of getting a new company off the ground and growing. We’ve been through changes in the marketplace, economic recession, housing construction downturns and threats from unfair foreign competition. Throughout those times of business uncertainty and economic challenge, we’ve kept Showplace Cabinetry vibrant and growing.

            Even the best of management groups don’t have a crystal ball. We can’t know at this time all of the ramifications of the economic and social challenges posed by today’s coronavirus pandemic. We can only be certain that those challenges will require good planning, careful management and the confidence that we will persevere as we have done before. We know how to steer the ship through trying times—we just need to keep our hands on the wheel and work together to succeed.

            I have a high level of confidence in our leadership group and in our employee-owners to show how efficient, capable and dedicated we are to our goal of crafting the most affordable, custom-fit cabinetry in North America. There will always be unexpected challenges to face and overcome—and a company shows what it’s made of when it meets those challenges. 

Showplace Cabinetry is one of those companies!

"There will always be unexpected challenges to face and overcome—and a company shows what it’s made of when it meets those challenges."

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