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From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, CEO Showplace Cabinetry

Today’s cabinet shopper is sophisticated, well informed and determined to make his or her project totally unique. That means working with a designer who will listen and understand not just the dimensions of a room, but also the requirements of a family. That person-to-person contact is the reason so many consumers building a new home or remodeling for a new look turn to a dealership that specializes in Showplace cabinetry. It’s called personalized service, and we think Showplace dealers do it best.

          From the very first cabinets shipped from the original Showplace manufacturing plant, our company has made it a top priority to do business on a relationship basis. We have worked hard to get to know our customers, the cabinet dealers who provide Showplace cabinetry to consumers across North America, and to build a culture of trust and reliability they can count on.

          We do that by making an effort, showing up and being there for our dealers. We maintain long-lasting personal contact with the people who do business with Showplace, and understand the value of face-to-face contact. We’re expanding that relationship during 2018 by increasing our regional dealer advisory group meetings and encouraging our management team to have even more conversations with our customers. We know the people in our dealer network—and they know us. The trust our customers place in us is based on that knowledge—along with the confident feeling that there’s always someone they can talk to with design challenges, time schedules or changes.

           Showplace has constantly expanded our color palettes, door designs and cabinetry options to be one of the most flexible cabinet manufacturers in the industry. That means whatever design challenges today’s consumers present, dealers can answer their needs with Showplace cabinetry. Homeowners have very specific ideas, and it takes a different level of service to work with today’s educated cabinet shopper.

          That’s where Showplace dealers shine. We like to think that because our dealer partners have a friend in the cabinet business they can talk to, the cabinet buyers who place their trust in those  Showplace dealers can have that same assurance. It’s personalized service from the manufacturing floor to a beautiful, newly installed kitchen—and it’s the best way to do business

whatever design challenges today’s consumers present, dealers can answer their needs with Showplace cabinetry

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