Remodeling season calls for Showplace cabinetry

From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, CEO Showplace Cabinetry 

Spring is just around the corner and remodeling season is in full swing across America. The most popular remodeling upgrade—and the one with the most impact on modern homes—is the kitchen. Today’s kitchens are not only where people live, they represent how people live. The kitchen is a reflection of decorating taste and personal style and the center of the home for every generation of homeowners. In addition, while people will often downsize in other parts of the house, including bedrooms and even master suites, kitchens are continuing to be large, welcoming places where friends and family gather.

          This was not always the case. Throughout much of the 20th century, the kitchen was the small, functional room where the family cook worked. Family conversations, eating and entertaining occurred in the living room and dining room. Now parents and kids are all in the kitchen, helping to prepare meals, doing homework and sharing news of their day. When people drop by to socialize, the kitchen is where they want to hang out, often at a comfortable center island that puts them at the heart of the action. And that kitchen is likely to be as colorful and distinctive as the family that lives in it.

          That’s why Showplace is so often the choice for remodeling projects. Kitchens are large investments, with the size and scope that give free rein to the creativity of homeowners and their cabinetry designers. Color, texture and the juxtaposition of materials make every kitchen unique. Showplace Cabinetry understands that we are in a fashion industry, one with dynamic trends. Sometimes we drive those design trends, and sometimes we are preparing for the next evolving style. Kitchen and bath designers—and the homeowners they work with—know that Showplace has the range of products, door styles and colors to make each project fit the personalities of the people who will center their lives around these remodeled rooms.

          Showplace—and the dealers who design and sell our cabinetry—will always listen to the needs and fashion choices of North American consumers and deliver on budget and on time. That’s why Showplace Cabinetry is the first choice for remodeling!

Showplace Cabinetry understands that we are in a fashion industry, one with dynamic trends. 

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