Senator Thune commends Showplace as model of success

From Paul’s Desk 

By Paul Sova, president Showplace Cabinetry

When visitors tour the Showplace and ShowplaceEVO manufacturing facilities, they always comment on the people they meet. Showplace employees are always willing to share a greeting, explain what they’re doing and thank guests for stopping in. It’s a family spirit that drives our employee-owners and always makes a good impression.

            Recently, John Thune, U.S. Senator from South Dakota and Senate Majority Whip, paid Showplace Cabinetry a visit. Senator Thune has toured our plants before, but not since our most recent expansion. He was aware of the growth of Showplace, and commented on the national reach our company has earned during the past 20 years. Senator Thune was also impressed by the range of styles and colors he saw while touring the plants and expressed his appreciation that a national company maintains its headquarters right here in South Dakota.

            The senator was up to date on the problem of Chinese cabinets being dumped in the United States and the threat that poses to our industry. He is determined to help level the playing field for American companies, and we appreciate his support as we continue our efforts for fairness.

            Senator Thune also updated our management team about steps being taken in Congress to make it easier for companies to offer an Employee Stock Ownership Program, such as we have here at Showplace Cabinetry. The senator told us that Showplace has become a model of the success and positive benefits of an ESOP. It’s not easy to start up a program like ours—it requires a significant investment and time to lay the groundwork—but the result makes it worth while, as employee-owners show their pride in ownership, their commitment to future of their company and their determination to build the best cabinetry in North America.

            We thank Senator Thune for his visit, his kind comments about Showplace and his willingness to help other companies grow and prosper with their own employee ownership programs.

"The senator told us that Showplace has become a model of the success and positive benefits of an ESOP."

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