How are Showplace Doors Made?

Have you ever wondered how Showplace cabinet doors are made? Or have you asked your dealer what materials are used? Read on to learn more.

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Showplace Cabinetry offers high-quality cabinet doors in a wide variety of styles to fit any design and trend.

We take pride in our efforts to build cabinet doors that make a statement in your home.

Our collection of door styles consists of three construction methods.

Pendleton Walnut Natural

Cope and Stick

Cope and Stick door construction is currently the most popular style built from five door parts. A frame of two stiles and two rails is built around a center panel.

Stiles and rails are joined together with a mortise (groove in the stile) and tenon (tongue in the rail) joint.

Cambridge Rustic Alder Natural


Mitered doors are also constructed with five parts, but the stile and rail ends are cut at a 45-degree angle so they fit together to create the 90-degree frame.

Miter joint construction is similar to Cope and Stick in that the frame parts are secured through the use of a hidden mortise and tenon.

Milan Cherry Natural


Slab doors are a single piece with no frame, rather than built with a frame and center panel.

Our slab doors are made with a wood-specific laminated and edge-banded MDF core.

Man building door
Woman building door

Keep in mind that environmental factors affect multi-piece door construction. Read our blog about how humidity affects wood.

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