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Our Mission

We believe all American homeowners deserve the home of their dreams. Of course, we hope we can be a part of that dream through lasting cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room.

With over 650 American employee-owners, we’re an American-owned manufacturing company building cabinets right here in the USA and servicing customers in all states from Maine to Hawaii.


Our Story

Showplace Founders


Our original founders had an idea to start a cabinet brand that made sense. Starting the beginning of Showplace Wood Products.

Showplace Campus


The original factory was built in Harrisburg, SD. Our first orders and cabinets were ready to roll out.

Showplace Campus


We purchased a facility in Beresford, SD to become our door plant. This later doubled in size in 2005.

Showplace Campus


The first expansion increases Harrisburg manufacturing and office space.

Showplace Campus


A second Harrisburg expansion adds manufacturing capacity.

Showplace Campus


An expansion in Harrisburg adds warehouse space, along with a full-service cafeteria and wellness facility for the company’s employee-owners.

EVO Building


A new Harrisburg, SD manufacturing facility is built to allow the introduction of ShowplaceEVO.

Showplace Campus


Our main Harrisburg campus underwent a warehouse addition which connected our Framed & EVO manufacturing plants. Approximately 40,000 square feet was added.


We have four product lines based on construction type. Learn more about our brands below.

Showplace Cabinetry Logo

Our flagship line started in all in 2000 and, to this day, is our most popular line. This line is considered Framed or American cabinetry. All cabinets are made using high quality materials. This product line will give you the most customization options between door styles, finishes, specialty options and accessories. We consider this our most diverse product line, allowing you to make selections in line with your budget, big or small.

Construction Type – Framed

Door Styles – 37+

Overlay – Inset, Partial and Full

Species & Material Options – High

Finish Options – High

Design Customization – High

Warranty – Limited Lifetime

Showplace Cabinetry EVO Logo

In 2016, we added EVO to our lineup. EVO is frameless cabinetry, also known as European-style cabinetry. Depending on your design preferences, and ultimately, the selections you make, EVO may be more budget-friendly than our flagship line. Contemporary styles are popular in EVO, but with our range of door styles and finish options, you can truly create any style from traditional to contemporary.

Construction Type – Frameless

Door Styles – 34+

Overlay – Full Only

Species & Material Options – High

Finish Options – High

Design Customization – High

Warranty – Limited Lifetime

Showplace Cabinetry Longview Logo

Meet the newest addition to our lineup featuring only our most popular finish options and limited customization. Longivew is great for simple kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms where custom designs and dimensions aren’t always needed. Get Showplace quality and unique finishes and door styles you deserve at a more affordable price point.

Construction Type – Framed

Door Styles – 14+

Overlay – Partial and Full Only

Species & Material Options – Limited

Finish Options – Limited

Design Customization – Limited

Warranty – Limited 2-Year

Showplace Cabinetry Renew Logo

For over 10 years, we’ve been refreshing cabinets with our refacing line, Renew. Refacing is a great option for remodel projects when keeping the existing layout and cabinet boxes, but wanting an updated look and feel. Get new doors, hinges and veneers in Showplace door styles and finish options, including specialty finishes. Not all projects are a great fit for Renew, but when it works, you can expect a more budget-friendly option than all-new cabinetry.

Construction Type – Refacing

Door Styles – 37+

Overlay – Partial and Full

Species & Material Options – Medium

Finish Options – Medium

Design Customization – Medium

Warranty – Limited Lifetime

Our Leadership

Bill Allen


President & CEO

A Harrisburg, South Dakota native, Bill has been with Showplace since 2002 where he started in materials buying. He quickly moved into manufacturing leadership roles and now runs the company as President & CEO. He’s known in the office for making meetings go long!

Brent Aday



Hailing from the West Coast, Brent made his way to Showplace after a recruiter reached out about a cabinet company in South Dakota. You can find him wearing down our gym equipment and holding us accountable, in the gym and on our balance sheet.

Jon Bour


VP of Sales and Marketing

Jon was born into the cabinetry business through his father, who founded three cabinet companies including Showplace. He has been in the industry since 1991 in both retail and manufacturing, and joined the Showplace family in 2002, and we have been blessed with his sense of humor ever since.

The Showplace Difference

Not all cabinets are created equal. How can you spot the difference? Through some of our standard features you get convenience at no extra charge.

Drawer icon

Deeper Drawers

Fit all those big spatulas and ladles in drawers with our 5-1/2″ top-drawer opening. With up to an inch of extra clearance, we beat most competitor cabinet brands when it comes to this storage space.

deeper wall graphic

Deeper Wall Cabinets

Our wall cabinets come standard at 13″ deep, making us the only cabinet manufacturer to give you an inch of extra room for those extra large plates.

soft close graphic


Never wake up your sleeping baby or guests and keep your cabinets in better shape with standard Blum soft-close glides and hinges for doors and drawers.

Cabinet icon

All About Details

Our cabinets can be designed up to 1/16″ of an inch. Making those odd corners and weird measurements a breeze. We can handle all the standard stuff too!

Paw Icon

Animal Bedding

Some of our wood waste is recycled by local farmers for reuse as animal bedding.

Fire Icon

Heat Energy

Another local partner takes some of our wood waste to reuse as heat energy for their offices.

Light Bulb Icon

LED Lights

Our facilities are kept bright by LED lights leading to better energy efficiency.

Tree icon

Tree planting

Showplace partners with local organizations to help plant trees.