Some door styles are offered in additional surface options like wood veneers, acrylics, foils and textures. These options expand our offerings to provide a unique look and feel. Available in select EVO Frameless door styles.

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Decorative Laminate Veneer

Decorative Laminate Veneer (DLV)

Diamond White
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Bamboo Natural

Exotic Wood Veneers

Bamboo Montana
Bamboo Natural
Bamboo Rockport
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Wired Mercury Face

High-Gloss Acrylic Patterns

Wired Bronze
Wired Cobalt
Wired Mercury
Wired White
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Red Oak SG Hazelnut

Straight Grain Wood Veneers

Cherry SG Montana
Cherry SG Sienna
Maple SG Harvest
Maple SG Montana
Red Oak SG Cashew
Red Oak SG Flagstone
Red Oak SG Hazelnut
Red Oak SG Midnight
Red Oak SG Montana
Red Oak SG Natural
Red Oak SG Tawny
Red Oak SG Thunder
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Textered Melamine Solids

Textured Melamine Solids

Roja Velvet
White Velvet