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Showplace Cabinetry: Built Tough


Framed Showplace Cabinetry is KCMA-certified, passing the toughest tests of durability and performance in the marketplace today.

These independent tests evaluate the integrity of cabinets in the following categories. If you want quality cabinets in your home that will last, know that Showplace cabinets have been certified by the KCMA and have this seal of certification.

KCMA Quality Badge
  • Cabinet Structure – Loading cabinet shelving with 15 pounds per square foot, gradually loading mounted cabinets to 600 pounds, and dropping a three-pound weight at six inches above the cabinet bottom to evaluate the overall strength and durability.
    • Drawer Operation – Cycling drawers 25,000 times fully-loaded with 15 pounds per square foot, representing roughly 20 years of regular use.
    • Door Operation – Opening and closing cabinet doors 25,000 times and testing their ability to withstand 65 pounds of hanging weight.
    • Cabinetry Finish – Exposing cabinets to stain threats like vinegar, grape juice, coffee, alcohol, and even mustard for varying amounts of time to ensure any discoloration can be easily cleaned without any lasting damage.
    • Temperature – Placing cabinets in a humid heat-box for 24 hours at 120-degrees to ensure no finish blistering or discoloration.

    Why Purchase Certified Cabinetry?

    Having passed each of these tests, you can be confident your new Showplace Cabinetry will withstand the rigors of daily life. Find out just how tough these tests are.

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