Modern Chef's Kitchen | ShowplaceEVO

The couple that owns this home decided it was time for an update and were looking to compliment their eclectic home with a new kitchen that fit the same relatively small footprint as the original kitchen. Challenging? Yes. But totally possible with ShowplaceEVO Cabinetry.

EVO first captured their heart when they discovered the Vienna door's High Gloss Wired Cobalt option. Being able to incorporate so many storage features sealed their decision.

One of the owners is a professional chef; using high end appliances, great storage solutions, and making use of a porcelain vegetable sink were high on the priority list. For the other homeowner, having deep drawers for plates, pots, and pans in addition to creating two pantries were among a long list of must-haves. The homeowners each got exactly what they wanted with the new kitchen fulfilling their passion of cooking and entertaining.

This beautiful project was completed by Norfolk Kitchen & Bath in Manchester, NH.