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Gothic Princess

The homeowners had hopes of reworking their kitchen to create more storage space, counter space and to change the overall aesthetic to a style they termed as “Gothic-Princess”. Having less than 150 square feet, they wanted to bring creativity into their project to get the most functionality out of their space. Additionally, because of the small footprint, the homeowners had not been able to have a table in their kitchen.

By removing a doorway and other obstacles, the design team was able to run cabinetry and countertop around the U-Shaped kitchen with a custom-made booth for seating two. Blind corner cabinets were used to optimize storage potential. To address their hopes for a “Gothic-Princess” kitchen, the rustic alder wood species was used with the Showplace Driftwood stain. This created a dark and old-world ambiance as it was matched with black countertops, hardware, and fixtures.

Upon completion of the project, the owners were very happy that they now had much more countertop space. On top of that, they loved their custom-designed booth that offered even more storage drawers under the seats.

Designed by North Haven Remodeling in Bellingham, WA.

Door Style Concord
Showplace Cabinetry Logo
Construction Framed
Overlay Partial
Wood Type Rustic Alder
Finish Driftwood
ID SH613918.00