Semi-Custom vs. Stock Cabinetry


You may be wondering how Showplace products differ from cabinets you can purchase from “big box” stores. Their stock cabinets may look similar from the outside, but there’s more of a difference than meets the eye.

Here’s what you get from stock cabinetry purchased from a national chain store or stock cabinet company:

  • Standard-sized cabinets offered
  • Standard offering of wood species
  • Standard selection of finish colors
  • Standard selection of door styles
  • Limited or no ability to change cabinet dimensions
  • May be built-to-order, but often built ahead and sold from inventory
  • Priced most affordably due to limitations and materials used

Showplace is semi-custom. Although Showplace will build custom configurations and offers custom paint colors, we do not offer limitless species or custom door styles and custom stains. Here is a list of generally accepted semi-custom cabinet attributes:

  • Standard-sized cabinets offered; virtually any dimension of these cabinets may be changed to fit the kitchen or bath design and the available space
  • Standard offering of wood species with some specialty species offered
  • Standard selection of finish colors with some specialty finish treatments offered
  • Standard selection of door styles
  • Custom sizing and configurations available within standard wood species, color, and style offerings
  • Cabinets built-to-order for individual homeowner
  • Mid-priced to reflect flexibility and broad product offerings

Showplace offers many custom features found with other cabinet makers who call themselves custom; since there are no universally accepted attributes to describe custom cabinets, we thought we’d share this list:

  • Standard sized cabinets may be available; specialty is “you draw it, we build it”
  • Standard offering of wood species, but will accommodate special requests
  • Standard finish colors offered, but will accommodate special requests for color matching and specialty finish treatments
  • Standard door styling offered, but will accommodate special requests
  • Special configurations of cabinetry are offered without restrictions on species, color and style
  • Cabinets built-to-order for individual homeowner
  • Most expensive due to limitless options
Semi-custom Showplace cabinets were used in this modern kitchen design. Click the image to visit this gallery.

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