What Does “Overlay” Mean?


Overlay (sometimes called “reveal”) refers to the amount of cabinet face frame that is covered by the doors and drawer headers. In the end, the overlay decision is one of personal tastes and budgets.

Most Showplace door styles are offered in two overlays: partial or full overlay. A few door styles are offered in full overlay only. In addition, several styles are offered in elegant inset versions. Full, partial, and inset doors and drawer headers are available on a framed cabinet box.

ShowplaceEVO doors and drawer headers are available ONLY on a frameless (full-access) cabinet box.

This kitchen illustrates our popular full overlay look.

What’s the difference?

Partial Overlay

Partial Overlay

Partial overlay doors and headers are smaller, revealing more of the frame. Since they’re smaller and use less material, Traditional styles also cost less.

Full Overlay

Full Overlay

Full overlay doors and headers are larger, covering more of the frame. The result is a sleeker, tighter look.

ShowplaceEVO Frameless Cabinetry


Frameless, or “full-access” ShowplaceEVO cabinetry is also sometimes called “European-style” cabinetry. The doors overlay the front edges of the cabinet box, and there is a minimal reveal on each outside door edge for very little visibility of the cabinet box.

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