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Overflowing With Class

The owners of this home wanted to revive their kitchen’s charm with Showplace Renew to create a space filled with the essence of timeless sophistication and bold, modern elegance. The Heritage CF door style, finished in Hale Navy paint, radiates class and character, harmonizing seamlessly with the kitchen’s original charm. This refacing project elevates the home effortlessly, proving that a kitchen makeover doesn’t always require a complete overhaul. The homeowners embrace the classic-meets-contemporary allure of Renew and have discovered how their dated kitchen could exude unparalleled class and style once again.

Completed by MTN Kitchens & Cabinetry in Dillon, CO.

Door Style Heritage CF
Showplace Cabinetry Renew Logo
Construction Renew
Overlay Full
Wood Type Paint Grade
Paint Hale Navy
ID SH789175.00