Stained Cashew Kitchen

What is a Character Stain?


Some stains mute variations in wood – the darker the stain, the more variation is hidden. Character stains provide a rich, semi-translucent look accentuating the grain and variation found in natural wood. Try it with one of our Showplace specialty woods to make your eye-catching cabinetry all the more noticeable.

Give it Some Character

Add character stains to your cabinets and bring out the inherent variability, distinctive grain and unique personality of natural wood. This specially formulated finish is only available at Showplace, and for no extra cost.

Character vs. standard

View the comparison between a character stain and standard stain below. Can you see how the graining and markings of the wood varies between the two stain types? That enhancement of the wood brings added warmth to the finish and the look of the space.

Character Stain – Cashew

Red Oak Cashew View View
Red Oak
Rustic Alder Cashew View View
Rustic Alder
Quartersawn White Oak Cashew View View
Quartersawn White Oak
Maple Cashew View View
Hickory Cashew View View
Cherry Cashew View View

Standard Stain – Autumn

Red Oak Autumn View View
Red Oak
Rustic Alder Autumn View View
Rustic Alder
Quartersawn White Oak Autumn View View
Quartersawn White Oak
Maple Autumn View View
Hickory Autumn View View
cherry autumn View View
horizontal grain wood vertical grain

How Grain Direction Affects Color

Notice from these images above that graining in character stains can affect the appearance of the color. This drawer header was placed vertically to compare with doors on the wall cabinet, then was turned horizontally to show how drawer fronts may not match the doors, even though they are technically the same color. This scenario is acceptable and is not considered a warranty issue.

Aria door, maple Montana cabinets Pendleton door, Rustic Alder Cashew stain Cabinet with Tawny stain

The Beauty of Character Stains

The above images are examples of some of our beautiful Character Stains. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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Showplace, a leading innovator in semi-custom cabinetry, proudly announces the launch of Vita, the latest addition to its distinguished line of Character Stains.

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